Acupuncture & Wellness of The Palm Beaches in Wellington, FL.

Specializing in women's health through all stages of menarche including fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

acupuncture and wellness of the palm beaches- testimonials
I came to see Leanne for acupuncture to increase my energy. During my treatment Leanne was very gentle and calming. I was so relaxed through the whole treatment. Beginning the hours following the treatment, I felt like a cloud was lifted from my head and have since felt more motivation and energy.
— Catherine P. – Lantana, FL
After receiving the facial rejuvenation, I felt radiant from the inside out. Not only was my skin glowing, but also I felt peaceful, calm and overall rejuvenation. Dr. Mitchell gave great suggestions for my diet, lifestyle and skin care regime that really inspired me to make changes and I cannot wait for my next treatment.
— Cathy D. – Wellington, FL
I have suffered from painful, heavy menstrual cycles since I was a teen and never really found a treatment that worked effectively. Leanne eased any concerns I had and made my first acupuncture experience very comfortable. I had significant positive changes after my first treatment and I highly recommend her.
— Liz L – Lake Worth, Florida
I have suffered from sciatica for the past 25 years. By my third treatment the pain was gone and I have been able to do exercise I haven’t been able to do for years.
— Tim P – West Palm Beach, FL
Leanne was referred to me by two different friends raving about how much acupuncture had helped them. Regardless of my fear of needles, I figured it was worth a try because I was experiencing so much TMJ pain. Since I have begun treatments I have significantly less pain, slept more soundly, feel more relaxed, focused and don’t have as much brain win! When I go to see Leanne I have the needles done along with electro massage and cupping therapy. The whole treatment is relaxing and after only 4 treatments my pain has subsided greatly. Leanne takes her time, never rushes, and is very thorough, always explaining what she is doing along the way and the “why’s” of needle placement. I am so grateful to have Leanne helping me through this rough and painful time and am happy to refer her to others.
— Melissa S. - Wellington, FL
Hi I’m 47 years old and I have suffered from sciatica since I was 17 years old injuring my back lifting weights with my college tennis team. I have had at least a half dozen severe episodes where I could barely walk, couldn’t sit and couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time lasting months and months. Over the years I was able to get through these episodes by using physical therapy and chiropractic care. This summer I had one of the worst attacks I have ever experienced where I was barely able to move (or drive), the pain was immobilizing and worsened with effort and everything I have tried in the past was not working. My right large toe had become completely numb and was I diagnosed with chronic nerve damage. I was at the point of surge when I met Leanne Mitchell a Acupuncture and Wellness professional. In only 1 short month into my therapy my recover has been amazing as I have no sciatica pain and I have my life back, my children have their Daddy back and I have completely reengaged with all of my favorite activities.. Like tennis, Gym workouts, coaching baseball, and I’m back on the dance floor enjoy salsa and ballroom… Yeehaw! I would never have progressed so much without Leanne’s unwavering support and professional guidance and services and for that I will be eternally grateful.
Thank you
— anonymous