Acupuncture & Wellness of The Palm Beaches in Wellington, FL.

Specializing in women's health through all stages of menarche including fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


Ancient Chinese treatment method used to drain excess fluids and toxins, stimulate the nervous system, boost the immune system, clear respiratory congestion, bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and loosen adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn "knots".


Chinese herbal heat therapy to increase circulation of qi and blood, alleviate pain and swelling, stimulate the immune system and nourish the body. A cigar looking stick of rolled mugwart herb called Ai ye in Chinese is lit and placed above the area being treated and a warming effect is produced.


Chinese medical massage technique used to alleviate pain, remove stagnations and increase circulation.


A common form of vitamin therapy to increase energy, decrease pain and weakness, reduce fatigue, memory loss and lethargy as well as benefit pernicious anemia.

Vitamin Injection Therapy

Subcutaneous injections of FDA approved homeopathic remedies for stubborn conditions associated with pain, acute injury and arthritis. These very powerful, natural medicines are safe and as effective as conventional treatments.

Acupoint Injection Therapy

Wellness goals can be met through the incorporation of herbal medicine and nutritional therapy through food and supplementation for the healing and prevention of disease. We custom blend herbal formulas to treat each individual as well as a variety of physician grade nutritional supplementations.

Herbal Medicine


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