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Natural Fertility

Maybe you're just thinking about getting pregnant, and want to make sure that you (and baby) will be as healthy as possible. Maybe you've been struggling for years, but you're not ready for IVF or you feel hopeful you will get pregnant naturally.  If you're like most women, you feel like there's something else you can be doing to improve your chance of having a happy, healthy baby.

Conditions like short menstrual cycles, long menstrual cycles, cramping, excessive clotting, and length of bleeding have all been shown to affect your chances of getting and staying pregnant. The good news is that all of these factors are extremely responsive to our customized interventions that include acupuncture, nutrition, herbal supplements, and lifestyle changes. You can become more fertile.

The natural fertility program focuses on identifying the root of your particular issues, and building a highly customized program to help you become your most fertile self.

Typically our patients see significant improvement in their menstrual cycles, and basal body temperatures in less than 90 days. Join the many women who have already benefited from our highly successful program. We encourage families to start their preconception journey with optimal health to ensure the most successful pregnancy.

acupuncture & wellness of the palm beaches- natural fertility

Recommended Program Plan:

  • One Arvigo Maya abdominal therapy session

  • Acupuncture

  • Custom blended herbal supplements

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Stress reduction techniques

  • Education for successful BBT charting


  • Improved chance of conception

  • Regular menstrual cycles

  • Improved uterine lining

  • Decrease PMS

  • Decrease cramping & clotting

  • Decreased stress

  • Improved sleep

  • Better digestion

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