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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial RejuvenationLeanne Mitchell

Natural Skin Care Rejuvenation, Relaxing Treatments, Long Lasting Results!

Each year there continues to be a rise in both surgical and minimally invasive facial rejuvenation procedures, all with a substantial cost tacked on as well as side effects. Consumers continue to pull out their wallets for quick fix procedures hoping that they will get the results they are looking for, only to find that they keep looking. 

What if you could gain health benefits at the same time as get great cosmetic results? The integration of cosmetic acupuncture offers just that. A big question that people often have is “does it hurt to have needles in your face?” The answer is no, it doesn’t have to. Although our licensed acupuncturist is trained in the popular Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture with needles, she also offer an alternative through the use of the Acutron Microcurrent and Energy Light Rejuvenation system NON-NEEDLE technique. This is a system where holistic goes high tech through ancient Eastern Techniques and Western Technology.

At Acupuncture and Wellness of The Palm Beaches, we provide the highest level of service in holistic skin care and rejuvenation. Using only the highest quality, professional, all natural skin care products, top of the line microcurrent and therapeutic color light in conjunction with traditional Chinese acupuncture philosophies you can expect noticeable changes in visible signs of aging and radiant beauty.

How does microcurrent and therapeutic light and color work?

Microccurent stimulates the muscles, and when used on the face initiates slight muscle contraction (as if going to the gym….but this is much more relaxing!) With muscle contraction there is the inducing of more tone to the skin, as well as a vibrant complexion because blood is now flowing more freely to the muscle and skin. With the addition of color light, we get increased effects on a cellular level.

Therapeutic Light utilizes several different colors of light for the following results:

  • Red – encourages collagen production
  • Purple – smoothens fine lines & wrinkles
  • Blue – firms & tones the skin
  • Green – improves skin texture
  • Yellow – diminishes blemishes and breakouts
  • Orange – minimizes puffiness

What are some of the results that can be expected?

Typical cosmetic results people may expect:

  • Both fine and deeper lines

  • Jowels minimized
  • Acne and rosacea minimized
  • Skin texture becomes more soft and smooth
  • Hyperpigmentation reduced
  • Skin tone becomes vibrant and more “alive”
  • Increase collagen production

Although everyone’s time frame for results is different based on their current state of health and commitment to treatments, most people feel and see a difference after their first treatment. Noticeable results generally occur after three treatments, and dramatic results after 10. 

This technique is a true holistic form of cosmetic rejuvenation, it is not intended to have dramatic “face-lift” results as seen in surgery, but instead to boost, and revitalize skin health. Whether beginning these treatments as a form of “prevention” or “correction”, you will have non invasive, pain free, natural lasting results. While deeply rooted health concerns are often reflected in our outer appearance, we address and treat those conditions at the same time as facial rejuvenation, to maximize results. This technique truly encompasses a whole body wellness protocol!