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Mother Warming

Leanne Mitchell

Mother roasting refers to the almost universal practice of keeping mothers warm immediately after the birth and in the weeks that follow. It is believed to seal the gateways, which have been opened by the birth, and to keep wind and cold from entering a vulnerable new mother’s body.

~ Rhythm of the Home

Mother warming (sometimes referred to as mother roasting) is a treatment given to women starting at four or five days following childbirth and in the weeks to follow to aid in postpartum recovery. In traditional Chinese medicine, the use of Moxibustion aims to replenish the Qi (energy) and blood that is lost through pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy and childbirth places a significant strain on reservoirs of Qi and blood in the body that help sustain optimal vitality of health and energy in a woman. Chinese medicine holds the theory that depletion of the body’s resources of Qi and blood are the root cause of low milk supply, postpartum depression, prolapse, fatigue and insomnia after birth.  During childbirth these channels (or meridians) are open as a passageway to support the birth and thus are made vulnerable to elements of cold, damp, heat, wind etc that can contribute to health challenges. The use of the mother warming techniques help to improve the postpartum recovery period. Mother warming is a simple and gentle technique that support people can do for the mother at home. 


  • Replenish Qi helping to improve energy levels

  • Improve the immune system

  • Nourish the blood to help prevent and treat postpartum depression

  • Improve iron levels aiding postpartum blood loss.

  • Increase milk supply.

  • Tonify the uterus, preventing prolapse.

  • Warm the Uterus ensuring a healthy womb for future fertility and menstruation.


Mother warming can be done both in office or at the mother’s home, pricing varies depending on location.  Please call or email the office for more details on pricing. Postpartum kits are also available with detailed instruction for at home use and include a full postpartum kit of supplies for optimal wellness.  

Kit includes:

  • Mother warming kit (moxibustion stick, extinguisher and instructions).

  • Liquid moxibustion rub to enhance your warming treatment.

  • Herbal tonic to replenish vital energy lost during childbirth to restore blood and qi.

  • Herbal nipple salve.

  • Herbal soup mix (to be added to a vegetable or bone broth).

  • Essential oil roller bottle.