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Hair Thinning & Loss

Leanne Mitchell

Thinning & Hair Loss

Many people are challenged with hair loss and are looking for answers.  With Traditional Chinese medicine we look at several aspects of hair loss and the most helpful treatment solutions. Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge looks at the body as a microsystem of the universe operating with many of it’s own internal smaller micro systems.  All of these systems are influenced by each other and even have their own ‘personalities’.


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The organs mostly involved in a pattern of disharmony in regards to hair thinning and loss are the kidneys, spleen and liver.

The spleen plays an integral part of the digestive function of transforming and transporting nutrients from food, drinks and herbs to the rest of the body.  If this organ is compromised the transforming function does not break down and transport ingredients to build healthy blood.

The liver organ is like the traffic controller in the body and regulates where qi, blood and body fluids move to throughout the body.  Its function is also to clean and store the blood and to circulate blood to the sides and top of the head.

The kidneys dominate the growth and development of the body, including hair. Supporting the strength of the kidneys, one of our most primary organs for longevity is also a high priority.


  • Acupuncture once a week for the first month


  • 7 Day Core Restore Liver Detox


  • Bone and/or Vegan Broth or Collagen Peptide Powder


  • Floradix Liquid Iron and Herbs PLUS B Complex Liquid


  • HSN by Designs For Health (hair, skin, and nails)   


  • Black Seed Oil


  • Healthy Hair Oil by Banyan

A Message from Leanne

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner a dietary plan that is rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, and minerals as well as traditional herbal formulas are always recommended. Keep in mind protocol may be different for everyone, in order to know for sure whats best for you it is suggested that you book an appointment either on our website or by calling 561-425-5440.

Leanne Mitchell   Dipl. L.Ac, MAOM, LMT, ES

You may also order most of these supplements through our online dispensary ( "Wellevate Me" --> link below).